OREANDA-NEWSThe management of the American corporation Xerox has increased almost $ 2 billion in the amount of payments under the merger transaction proposed by HP. This was reported on Monday by an American newspaper.

According to her, Xerox is ready to pay $ 24 per share HP instead of previously proposed $ 22. Thus, the total amount of payments will increase from $ 33 billion to $ 34.88 billion. If HP management refuses to merge it again, the company will be ready in early March this year to initiate the purchase of its shares directly from private investors, the newspaper writes.

Earlier, HP's management twice refused to merge Xerox, explaining that the proposed deal "will significantly weaken the position of HP and therefore is not negotiable". As Reuters reported, the company's management was concerned about the high level of Xerox debt, which would not have the best effect on the value of the shares of the combined company. In addition, HP board members have been wary of Xerox year-on-year profitability.

In November last year, it became known that Xerox, the manufacturer of photocopiers, made a proposal to acquire HP Corporation, which manufactures computers and other equipment. Reuters noted that Xerox is ready to pay HP about $ 33 billion. According to recent data, HP has a market capitalization of about $ 32 billion, and Xerox - about $ 8.1 billion.