OREANDA-NEWS  More than 21 billion rubles were allocated for the development of tourism in the framework of the state program "Culture and tourism 2019-2021", said Deputy Head of the Federal tourism Agency Nikolai Korolev.

"While the continuation of the Federal target program (FTP)" Development of domestic and inbound tourism for 2011-2018" is the program "Culture and tourism", in which the Federal budget from 2019 to 2021 will be allocated more than 21 billion rubles, "— he said, speaking at the all-Russian meeting on topical issues of tourism development in the Russian Federation at the international tourism exhibition "Intourmarket".

Korolev also noted the success of the implementation of the Federal target program on tourism development 2011-2018. "According to the project, which was supposed to attract extra-budgetary investments for the construction of tourist infrastructure, 2.2 rubles of investments should fall on 1 ruble of budget funds. As of March 1, 1 ruble accounts for 2.84 rubles of private funds. And since not all projects have been implemented, we plan that extra-budgetary investments will amount to about 3 rubles," he explained.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of economic development, in charge of tourism in the Department, Sergey Galkin announced the postponement of the introduction of the new FTP on tourism development in the second half of 2019 for a more thorough study of the project.

The Federal target program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation for 2019-2025" was developed in continuation of the program, which was in effect in 2011-2018. Funds under the FTP are allocated for the construction of infrastructure for the reception of tourists. At the same time, the state allocates funds for basic infrastructure, and private investors invest in the construction of hotels, restaurants and display facilities.