OREANDA-NEWS To improve social service organizations will allocate 41.7 billion rubles until 2024, said the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin. The Minister said that new funds will be allocated to support the older generation and the development of long-term care.

"Since 2020, this is 2 billion rubles of support for the subjects of the Russian Federation and 41.7 billion rubles until 2024 — an unprecedented figure will be allocated, because every year we financed 1 billion rubles," the Minister said.

According to this information, 41.7 billion will be allocated to improve the living of citizens in social services institutions.

"Next year, this money will go to the budget of the Russian Federation, we will start with 2 billion rubles and will increase to 5-7 billion rubles annually in order to solve this problem in the future," Topilin said.

The statement was made within the framework of the" government hour "on the implementation of the state program of the Russian Federation "social support of citizens".

According to the Ministry of Labor, the requirements for placement, device, equipment, content of social service organizations will be updated.

Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on health protection Leonid Ogul proposed to create in Russia a system of patronage of the elderly and to introduce the days of a healthy pensioner in clinics by analogy with the system of control over newborns.

He explained that such a system of patronage could work on the same principle as the system of monitoring the health of newborns, when every family with an infant is registered with the district pediatrician. In children's clinics there are days of a healthy child, and pediatricians constantly inspect their children and make diagnosis of their health, answer questions from parents, give advice and recommendations.