OREANDA-NEWS The share of foreign investors in the Russian market is not declining, despite the geopolitical situation, said Igor Marich, managing Director of the Moscow exchange for the money market.

"The share of foreign investors in the Russian market is not decreasing. Their share in transactions with Russian shares is 48%, in bonds — 15%. In the derivatives market, their share has increased from 38% to 47% over the past five years," Marich told reporters on the sidelines of the Investment and financial opportunities in the Russian capital market forum.

He stressed that American investors have not reduced investments in the Russian market.

"Recently, we held a session of the exchange forum in London, in which communication with global banks showed that they do not see the outflow of customers and investments from Russia," Marich added.

In General, he said, the Russian capital market is developing well.

"The first half of this year gave us a decent amount of placement in the bonds of the Ministry of Finance (680 billion rubles), greatly increased the secondary trading volume (growth of 33% to 3.8 trillion rubles). Given the low inflation (3.5%), the yield of government bonds in the region of 8.5%, looks very attractive," Marich said.

He added that the Russian stock market has shown this year a record value in ruble index Mosberg, and the volume of transactions for ten months have almost caught up with 2017 year – on-year to 9.1 trillion rubles.

Earlier, member of the Board, managing Director for the money market of the Moscow exchange Igor Marich said that the trade war between the US and China could push Chinese investors to take a different look at the opportunities in Russia.

He drew an analogy with the introduction of Western sanctions, which to some extent pushed Russia into the Chinese market.

Despite the fact that while Chinese investors have not started to invest in the Russian market, Marich expressed confidence that Chinese capital will come to Russia. He noted that Chinese investors understand the Russian financial market much better than before.