OREANDA-NEWS Moscow ranked third in the world in the number of dollar billionaires living in it. This is stated in the rating published by Savills based on Forbes magazine.

The study says that 71 people live in Moscow with a fortune of more than one billion dollars. More billionaires live only in New York (85) and Hong Kong (79), it follows from the company's statistics. On the fourth and fifth places on this indicator are Beijing (61) and London (55).

It is no coincidence that many of the cities with the largest number of billionaires are also among the most expensive in the world in terms of the cost of premium housing, the study says. In addition to being culturally and socially attractive, they are magnets for talent, so residential real estate is in great demand there, according to Savills.

The majority of billionaires are men (89 percent), they are married (83 percent) and, on average, each has three children, the study says. Most of them (67 percent) "made themselves", while 33 percent inherited their wealth.