OREANDA-NEWS.The head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, believes that Russia will be able to fulfill the goal set earlier by 2024 to achieve GDP growth above the world average - more than 3%. She stated this in an interview published on Thursday by Japan's leading business newspaper Nikkei.

"The real growth rates should be increased to 3% or more. This is a difficult but manageable task. If projects (national projects with a total investment of about 25.7 trillion rubles - approx. Russian media) are successfully implemented, we will be able to achieve the goals set by the president",- she said. According to Nabiullina, now in Russia there is an active growth in the sphere of agriculture, however, in terms of the rate of increase in labor productivity of the Russian Federation, it still lags behind the world level. The head of the Central Bank also said that Russia had adapted to the sanctions and was able to achieve success in the field of import substitution.

According to the government's plan, in order to accelerate the growth rate of the Russian economy, it is planned to increase the volume of investment in fixed assets to 25% of GDP, increase labor productivity, increase the value added and increase non-oil exports, as well as increase the economic activity of the population and increase the number of employees. As a result, GDP growth in 2020 should accelerate to 2% versus 1.3% in 2019. At the same time, from 2021, the economy will start growing at a rate higher than 3%: in 2021 - 3.1%, in 2022 - 3.2% and in 2023-2024 - 3.3%.

Until 2024, Russia plans to implement 12 national projects and a Comprehensive Plan for the modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure in order to achieve the goals outlined in the May decree of President Vladimir Putin. This is supposed to spend 25.7 trillion rubles.