OREANDA-NEWS. Russian cosmonauts earn quite comparable amounts with their foreign colleagues.  All of them are in full-time positions at the FSBI “Gagarin Research and Development Testing Center for Cosmonaut Training”, where they are paid salaries.

 It is noted that salaries to astronauts are accrued in accordance with the "Regulation on the material support of astronauts in the Russian Federation."

 “The salary for a candidate for cosmonauts is 60.9 thousand rubles, for an astronaut - 63.8 thousand rubles, and for an instructor-cosmonaut - 88.45 thousand,” Izvestia reports.  If the astronaut has traveled to space, his permanent salary will increase to 69.6 thousand rubles.

 Additionally, for one flight, the astronaut and instructor receive a monthly salary bonus of 55% before retirement, 75% for two flights, and 120% for three flights.  For each flight, employees are entitled to a one-time bonus, which depends on the duration and complexity of the flight.