OREANDA-NEWSThe number of Russian sellers on the AliExpress website in 2019 increased by 100 times and reached 10 thousand, the Russian media told AliExpress Russia (a joint venture of Alibaba Group, Mail.ru Group, Megafon and RDIF).

“The number of new Russian sellers on the platform in 2019 increased 100 times. Now there are about 10 thousand”, the company said. So, in 2019, the site was joined, in particular: by the Simbat toy store, Citylink electronics, Polaris, Holodilnik.ru electronics and home appliance stores, Freedom, Megafon, a cosmetics product factory store as well as jewelry brands Sunlight and Sokolov.

Search queries are seasonal, so the popularity of air humidifiers is now noticeable - thanks to the warm winter and the heating season, this category is growing more dynamically than others. Portable humidifiers are very popular - the demand for them has grown more than 3 times year-on-year, they added to AliExpress Russia.

The company's analysts also studied popular products in millionaire cities and found that on holidays in the categories “clothes” and “beauty products” new leaders appeared: not only winter shoes, elegant dresses with sparkles, watches and jewelry, but also masks for face and moisturizing face creams. "In all this, user preferences are also noticeable in connection with holidays, warm winters and upcoming holidays - March 8 and February 23", the company said.