OREANDA-NEWS. The past, 2020, due to the pandemic, became the worst year for the world economy since World War II. This opinion was voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I would like to note that the past year was the most difficult for the global economy since the end of World War II,” Putin said at a meeting on measures to increase investment activity.

The planet's GDP in 2020 decreased by 3.5 percent, the head of state noted.

"The reasons are objective. This is primarily the epidemiological situation, the introduction of forced restrictions, which negatively affected the conduct of business, the economic dynamics in general," Putin said.

As the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov told reporters, the Russian economy has not suffered from the coronavirus so significantly compared to other countries, but this is not a reason for reassurance.

Peskov noted that the consequences of the pandemic, “we probably still have to deeply analyze the possible consequences of this crisis. He added that, although Russia is not in such a deplorable situation as many other countries, it still suffered economically, but not so seriously, and now everyone is working on tools to quickly get out of this pit.

The spokesman added that now everyone is interested in everyone getting out of the crisis as soon as possible.