OREANDA-NEWS The social benefits offered by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly in 2019 will require 80 billion rubles, in 2020 the figure will be more, said Deputy Prime Minister for social Affairs Tatyana Golikova.

Putin on Wednesday announced a message to the Federal Assembly, in which he spoke about the upcoming actions to improve the welfare of citizens, promised new benefits for big families, demanded that officials not be arrogant in their communication with citizens

In particular, the payments for the care of children with disabilities will be increased from 5.5 thousand rubles to 10 thousand rubles.In addition, Mr. Putin proposed from January 2020 to raise the bar of payments for the first and second child.

"According to our preliminary estimates, what falls in 2019 on the social block,  is estimated at about 80 billion rubles. Of course, in 2020 these numbers more because there is added additional measures and, of course, increases the number of potential recipients of those benefits, which are now announced by the President," he said on air "the First channel".

She noted that when the President prepares a document of this scale, he carefully works on it, and all the proposed initiatives are calculated by the "financial authorities and other authorized" in terms of their provision.

"As for 2019, there are funds in the budget... we now have financial resources for some measures, and we need to adopt only regulatory documents or clarify regulatory documents for their implementation. Traditionally in the spring make amendments to the budget, and after we more accurately determine these amounts, of course, we will make them as amendments in addition to the funds that are already in the budget", — added Golikova.

The Deputy Prime Minister also stressed that all the proposals voiced by the President in the address will be financially secured.