OREANDA-NEWS The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, offered to send €9 billion to Ukraine to support the country's economy in the context of a military special operation by the Russian Federation. She noted that financial assistance to Kyiv in the future will be provided not only by countries that are members of the European Union, writes Reuters. Von der Leyen called on other international "donors" to join the program to support Ukraine.

"We propose to send €9 billion to Ukraine in 2022," - von der Leyen said.

The head of the European Commission said that in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the European Union took the side of Kyiv. According to her, the EU wants to see the victory of the Ukrainian state over the Russian Federation. In this regard, over the past 10 weeks, European leaders have sent more than €4 billion in support of Ukraine.

Earlier, the European Union provided additional financial support for “humanitarian projects” in Ukraine in the amount of €45 million. These funds will be used for emergency medical care, the supply of drinking water, hygiene products, housing and money for Ukrainian civilians.