OREANDA-NEWS Russia invested in Ukraine more than all other countries in the first half of 2018. This information is reported on the State statistics service of Ukraine.

In particular, Russia has invested $ 436 million, or 36% of total foreign investment.

In total, during this period, Ukraine received $ 1.259 billion of foreign direct investment.

In addition, Cyprus has invested $219 million, the Netherlands - $207.7 million, Austria  - $58.7 million, Poland  - $54.1 million, France - $46.9 million and the United Kingdom - $43.4 million in Ukraine.

The largest share of total investments was in financial and insurance activities-59.6%; 9.6% in wholesale and retail trade; 8.2 % in industry; 7.9% in information and telecommunications.

Political scientist, journalist Yuri Svetov said on radio Sputnik that Ukraine is actually on the verge of bankruptcy, so take the money, do not hesitate, where possible.

"Especially if to judge by statements of their politicians, they take this money as a certain "debt" of Russia to Ukraine which Russia is obliged after "centuries of oppression" to restore", — he added.

According to this information, Russian business has interests in Ukraine — the two countries have developed economic relations during long time.

"And if these investments make a profit, they (Russian entrepreneurs) will be invested there," — said Svetov.

But expert sure, that it can quickly stop.

"And those who invest in Ukraine, then risk to think about how they return what they have invested there," he concluded.

Earlier, Vladimir Omelyan - the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine - said that Kiev can close the railway connection with Moscow. At the end of 2017, he also claimed that the losses of the Ukrainian side from such a decision would amount to only 1 UAH.

At the same time, the state administration of railway transport ("Ukrzaliznytsia") reported that the most profitable Ukrainian train in 2017 was the way   "Kiev — Moscow", it brought almost six million dollars.

However, long-distance passenger transportation in Ukraine was generally deeply unprofitable. Total losses amounted to 3.5 billion UAH  (about 7.5 billion rubles).

So, the country's economy could collapse if the border with Russia will be closed.