OREANDA-NEWSRussia in April 2019 reduced investments in US government securities to $ 12.136 billion. A month earlier, in March, they were $ 13,716. This follows from the data of the US Treasury published on its website. Russia's investments in government securities were only in May 2007, when they amounted to $ 11.8 billion. Later, in June, Moscow began to sharply increase this figure, and in June, investments amounted to $ 33.5 billion.

The maximum level of Russian investment in US national debt reached in October 2010 and amounted to $ 176.3 billion. In December 2014, Russia's investments fell below $ 100 billion to $ 86 billion (against $ 108 billion in November of the same year). The sharp decline in the share of Russia occurred in April 2018, when Moscow immediately got rid of government securities of $ 47.5 billion, which was almost half of the US Treasury’s securities portfolio in Russia. The head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, then explained this by the policy of diversification of reserves. "We evaluate all the risks - financial, economic, geopolitical, making a decision on the placement of funds", she said in response to the relevant question.

In May, it became known that the Bank of Russia reduced the share of its assets in dollars from 45.8 to 27.7%. At the same time, the assets of the Central Bank in yuan increased from 2.6% to 14.1%, and in yen from 1.5% to 9.7%. The volume of the regulator's assets in gold increased by December 31, 2018 totaled 2077 tons.

The share of Russian reserves placed in RMB increased from 5 to almost 15%. First Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov said in December that Russian banks "can open special correspondent accounts in Chinese banks, and they are open". Due to the increase in the share of yuan assets, the credit quality of the securities portfolio deteriorated (the share of assets with a credit rating A according to Fitch and S & P classification - minimum for investments of the Central Bank - increased from 9 to 28%), but the yield also increased.