OREANDA-NEWS Russia's investments in Treasury bonds of the US Treasury in November last year decreased by $1,815 billion to $12,81 billion, according to the materials of the us Department. Based on them, $3.75 billion was invested in long — term securities (with a maturity of more than a year), and $9.06 billion in short-term ones.

Over the past few months, Russian investments in US Treasury securities have stabilized and held at $14 billion, and in some months even grew. The November reduction was thus the most significant since last summer.

The previous sharp decline was recorded in March-May 2018, when Russia got rid of Treasury securities of the US Treasury for $80 billion and dropped out of the list of 30 largest bondholders.

The leader in the list is China, which also continues to systematically reduce its investments. In November, they decreased by $ 17 billion compared to the previous month, and for the period from May, this figure amounted to $62 billion.

Of the top five investments in us securities in November increased only Japan ($1036 billion), which is the highest figure for this country since last May. It is followed by Brazil, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The top ten holders of Treasuries also include Switzerland, Luxembourg, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong and Belgium.

The Russian Finance Ministry sold the entire planned amount of Federal Loan Bonds (OFZ) in 25 billion rubles at two-week auctions on Wednesday. This time, investors' demand for the Russian national debt exceeded the supply many times, which is explained by the improvement of the market situation.

Earlier was reported that US public debt at the end of 2018 amounted to $21.9 trillion, an increase of $2 trillion compared to the beginning of 2017, when Donald Trump took the presidency. This was reported by CNN on January, 4.