OREANDA-NEWSThe investment potential in relations with China is far from being exhausted, there are many opportunities for increasing the investment flow and Russia is counting on its growth. About this in an interview with SophieCo on the Russian TV channel said the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov. “Of course, one cannot say that China invests a lot in the Russian economy”, he noted. Also, experts point out great opportunities for increasing investments in various areas.

At the same time, the Kremlin expert recalled that China and Russia have very close partnerships. According to him, trade between states goes to a new level, with each year, relations between countries are strengthening. “The volume of trade between our countries is constantly growing regardless of the international economic situation,” said Peskov. "Instead of the planned $ 100 billion trade volume amounted to 107". This figure does not reach the volume of trade in China and the United States, but for Russia these figures are very significant, the figure can be called solid, for the size of our economy”.

The press secretary noted that China is not the country's most important or major trading partner. The largest trading partners of Russia are countries from the European Union. Speaking of the Chinese initiative “One Belt - One Way”, a representative of the Kremlin called the project interesting for Russia”. “One can even say that this is not just a project, but a kind of philosophy, a kind of generalization of major projects conceived by our Chinese partners,” he noted. And, as Peskov emphasized, the Russian side isn't involving this process, but is considering the possibility of integration in varying degrees, which would be compatible with its parameters.