OREANDA-NEWS. The ruble exchange rate is strengthening due to rising oil prices and will not fall much further. At the same time, the dollar is almost not falling, so now it makes sense to invest in it or in euros, Alexander Ivanov, a finance expert and private investor, told Radio 1.

«For example, today, despite the further growth of oil, the dollar in Russia remains at 72 rubles and is not particularly willing to fall. In my investments, I bet that the dollar will cost 70-72 rubles, this is now the bottom. And in general, we will live in reality, where a dollar will cost in the range from 70 to 75 rubles. So, probably, it makes sense to buy currency now», Ivanov said.

He clarified that he himself prefers to invest in the dollar, although there is no particular difference with investing in euros.

Earlier, Anna Zaitseva, an analyst at FINAM, said that by the end of 2021, the ruble could both strengthen to 71.5 per dollar and fall in price to 74 per dollar. At the same time, a favorable situation is currently developing for the ruble. The expert stressed that the domestic currency can receive support from the Bank of Russia. This will happen if the regulator goes to raise the rate to 7% at the next meeting.