OREANDA-NEWS. According to TASS, citing data from a Superjob survey, Russians plan to give fewer New Year gifts to relatives, colleagues and friends than a year ago.

This is evidenced by the numbers. Last year, 74% and 24% of Russians, respectively, were going to give gifts to family members and friends. In the same year, 68% of respondents are ready to spend money on New Year's gifts for relatives, and 17% of respondents are ready for surprises for friends.

In addition, 32% of respondents said they would give gifts to their beloved ones, and only 6% of respondents prepare presents for their colleagues. Another 10% of Russian residents are going to buy themselves New Year's gifts. And there are people who do not plan to give anything or anyone for the New Year at all - they made up 15% of the survey participants.

As for the cost of New Year's gifts, on average, Russian citizens are ready to spend 11,800 rubles on presents, and this is slightly less than in 2019 (13,500 rubles). The amount here depends on the age of citizens - more than other categories of Russians, young people under 24 are going to spend 12,400 rubles on gifts for New Year.

In order to save money, Russians want to buy gifts for the New Year during the Black Friday campaign. This is stated in a study by Rambler Group.