OREANDA-NEWS Assistant to the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Savatyugin said that the Russians began to open more accounts on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

As Aleksey Savatyugin told the Izvestia newspaper, while Russians prefer to invest their savings in bank accounts, however, the number of participants in the stock market has increased.

Already 2.5 million accounts opened on the Moscow Stock Exchange. This figure is small for a country with a population of 140 million people, but growth is increasing every year.

Savatyugin believes that the main reason for the increase in demand for the stock market is new financial technologies, as well as tax deductions and benefits. Almost all large banks have their own mobile applications, and now you can trade on the exchange, "without getting up from the couch."

In this case, the average check on the stock market all the time falls. This suggests that people first prefer to buy bonds for a small amount and only after some time acquire shares. Stocks are a more risky instrument, but its profitability is much higher.