OREANDA-NEWS.  In 2020, Russians withdrew more than $ 28 billion of foreign currency from bank accounts in cash, which is 21% more than in 2019. This follows from the statistics of the Central Bank, which was analyzed by Izvestia. The largest banks confirmed an increase in the demand for withdrawing foreign cash among clients. The reasons were instability during the pandemic and crisis, low rates on deposits and the onset of that very black day, in case of which Russians kept dollars and euros in banks, experts say.

Over the past year, against the backdrop of the crisis and pandemic, bank clients withdrew $ 5 billion of foreign currency from their accounts more than in 2019. The amount of money received amounted to over $ 28 billion, follows from the data of the Central Bank. The most active funds were withdrawn in March and December, their volume reached more than $ 4 billion and $ 3 billion, respectively.

Banks Home Credit, Dom.RF and Rosbank confirmed that last year, compared to 2019, clients actually took more foreign currency from their accounts. In the bank "Dom.RF" the growth was 65% in ruble terms and 45% in nominal terms, said Evgeny Shitikov, director of retail products of the organization. At the same time, the increase in the volume of conversion transactions amounted to more than 100%.