Precious metals market

Graphics shows the prices of gold.
30.03.2021, 16:45

During the trading session, the price of the precious metal reached its lowest level since March 9.

27.07.2020, 10:40

It rose by 1.9 % and reached 1,935 US dollars per troy ounce.

Pandemic Brought Down Jewelry Sales in Russia by 50-70%
21.05.2020, 10:32
The main reason for this effect was the shift in consumer demand to essential goods
Polymetal Sells North Kaluga Field for nearly $ 27 Million
11.05.2020, 13:54
Corresponding agreement with North Kaluga Mining Limited
Kobe Bryant Championship Ring Put Up for Auction
24.04.2020, 12:46
A gold ring with eight 14-carat diamonds and an engraved Bryant surname was awarded to a basketball player for winning the 2012 London Olympics
Russian Companies Will Receive General Licenses for Export of Gold and Silver Bullion
20.04.2020, 15:16
Previously, general export licenses were issued only to banks that received the relevant Central Bank license
Gold Prices Peaked since Fall 2012
14.04.2020, 11:26
Gold prices hit $ 1,785 an ounce
Japan's Gold Price Hit Record High since 1980 Amid Pandemic
13.04.2020, 10:22
It's about over $ 60 per gram of gold
Gold Value Exceeded $ 1,700 per Troy Ounce for the First Time since December 2012
09.03.2020, 12:42
Shares of Russian gold miners fall on emotions, but will continue to grow soon
Russia Sold UK Gold for a Record $ 5 Billion
28.02.2020, 11:18
Brexit helped boost exports of precious metals Russia
Global Jewelry Demand Down 6% in 2019
30.01.2020, 12:54
It amounted to 2.107 thousand tons, according to the report of the World Gold Council
Chinese Investors Will Refuse to Purchase GV Gold with Assets in Yakutia
17.01.2020, 07:43
Chinese investors led by Fosun won't buy gold mining GV Gold, as they didn't agree on a price amid prolonged transaction times
Louis Vuitton Acquires the World's Second-Largest 1758 Carat Diamond
16.01.2020, 12:55
Diamond mined in April last year in Botswana
Alrosa Sells $ 11 Million Worth of Diamonds at Auction in New York
15.11.2019, 13:21
95 companies participated in the auction
Experts Talked about Reducing Global Demand for Jewelry
05.11.2019, 07:45
In the III quarter of 2019, it decreased by 16%, to 461 tons


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