OREANDA-NEWSSberbank launches an online instant money transfer service from a card using the phone number and the recipient's name to neighboring countries. Transfer is carried out from the Sberbank Online mobile application. You can receive money in cash at any of the Western Union service points in the country of destination, the bank said.

While in the list of funds available for the transfer of ten states: Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Uzbekistan. “Countries were selected on the basis of joining the CIS and the near abroad. The list will be expanded, ”said the representative of Sberbank. Now instant transfers to neighboring countries are carried out only from a smartphone on the Android platform. Soon the service will be available for IOS platforms, the representative of the bank assured, but did not name the exact dates.

The amount of transfer can be from 100 to 100 000 rubles. or equivalent in currency. The commission will be 1%, but not less than 30 rubles. regardless of country of destination. “The fee is charged only from the sender at Sberbank, Western Union commission is not charged to the recipient. For transfers in foreign currency, there is a preferential conversion rate (rubles to dollars), ”a bank representative said.

Regular cash transfers to neighboring countries through Western Union points in the amount of up to 5000 rubles or up to $ 200 now cost more: 100 rubles or $ 3 regardless of the amount. Tariffs of the system when transferring more than 5000 rubles or $ 200 - 1–1.3% of the amount, depending on the country.

According to the vice-president of Sberbank, head of the Payments and Transfers Division of Igor Mamontov, the demand for transfers outside of Russia is growing.