OREANDA-NEWS Sberbank will soon launch in several of its offices a pilot project to recognize customers by face, said Deputy Chairman of the Bank Stanislav Kuznetsov on the sidelines of the economic forum in Davos. In what cities the project starts, he did not specify. "For us, the main issue is accuracy. Moreover, the more often a person approaches the camera, the more accurate the recognition will be," said Mr. Kuznetsov.

He added that the Bank will launch a similar pilot project for employees in the next two to three months. According to Stanislav Kuznetsov, in different offices of the Sberbank for workers is already installed on the system throughput without the cards.

In February 2018, several Russian banks began to use facial recognition when deciding on a loan. The image and passport data of the client are entered into a special database when you first contact the Bank. Already when you call the platform to the identification of persons compares the parameters with the available database, as well as information about scams.

Moreover, Sberbank is negotiating with Russian Railways and the government of Moscow to hold a new building "Sberbank city" on Kutuzovsky Prospekt metro station and the Moscow Central Ring (MCR), said Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Stanislav Kuznetsov.

"We are discussing inside the format that "Sberbank city" will connect completely with the metro line and with the Moscow Central Ring, will have a transport hub actually inside the building. This possibility we are now discussing with the authorities of the city and Railways. It will be, in fact, a unique project: our employees will come directly inside the building, come to shops and centers providing various services," Kuznetsov said on the sidelines of the forum in Davos.

The largest Russian Bank plans to create a complex of five buildings "Sberbank city" in Moscow at Kutuzovsky prospect, 32. Kuznetsov explained that all five buildings of "Sberbank city" will unite underground with the possibility of movement throughout this underground space. He added that it is too early to say how many employees will work in the new space, but did not rule out that in the future it could be 25-30 thousand people.