OREANDA-NEWS. Shares of Yandex during trading on the Moscow Exchange went up by 10.8%, to 2142.8 rubles per paper - this is the maximum growth of quotes per day, according to the trading platform at 12:00 Moscow time. Thus, the price of Yandex quotes returned to the level of October 11, before their collapse by 20%. On October 11, the company's shares crashed during trading on the Moscow Exchange by 20.4%, to 1852.4 rubles per share, and they updated at least from the end of December 2018. As of 15:08 Moscow time, the price of Yandex shares reaches 2082 rubles (+ 7.65%).

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation in its official recall to the bill recommended that the share of voting shares of significant information resources held in a foreign possession should not exceed the level of 50% minus one share. According to the Gorelkin bill, “some services that are actively used by users located in the Russian Federation” will be recognized as significant for the development of information and communication infrastructure, as well as data processing technologies in the Russian Federation.