OREANDA-NEWS The Spanish government will pay 250 euros monthly to young Spaniards who are under 35 years old. It is assumed that the allowance will motivate them to move away from their parents, writes Reuters.

The authorities also set another condition: the annual income of Spaniards should be below 24,318 euros. The subsidy can be obtained within two years. Transport Minister Raquel Sanchez said that the innovation will be «an important step towards ensuring that housing prices cease to be an obstacle to the emancipation of young people».

According to official statistics for 2020, in Spain about 55% of people under the age of 29 live with their parents — this is one of the highest rates in Europe. And 29% of Spaniards under the age of 25 have the status of unemployed at all. On average, the salary of young people is about 970 euros per month, and to rent an apartment you need to get twice as much.