OREANDA-NEWS  Facebook Corporation has held talks with various cryptocurrency exchanges about the possible listing of its own Stablecoin, the price of which will be tied to a basket of currencies, writes the New York Times, citing anonymous sources. The coin is being prepared to be launched in the first half of 2019. At least 50 developers who work in a separate office are now engaged in its creation, and other employees of the company do not have access to it. The value of the virtual currency will be linked to the currency basket. At least fifty specialists are working on the creation of the altcoin. The work of creating a new currency is classified.

Cryptocurrency will appear in WhatsApp messenger, its users will be able to transfer money to each other and pay for purchases. The price of Stablecoin will be guaranteed by dollars, euros and other national currencies, which are stored in the Bank accounts of the company. The integration of the new coin into Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram can take more than a year, this will expand its reach to 2.7 billion people who use one of the three apps every month.

Earlier, Bloomberg wrote that first of all, the cryptocurrency will appear on the Indian market, where WhatsApp application is used by 200 million people. For the first time information about the development of stablecoin from Facebook appeared last spring. The Corporation did not officially confirm or deny these data.

The publication reminds that Facebook is not the only company that came up with the idea to embed a currency based on blockchain in the messenger. The most famous project of this kind has been developing Pavel Durov's Telegram for more than a year. And TON-Telegram Open Network-has already attracted investments in the amount of 1.7 billion dollars. Another similar project developed by the creators of cryptomancer Signal. However, telegram and Signal cryptocurrencies will not be tied to regular money, so they can be unstable.