OREANDA-NEWS "Roscosmos" in 2018 brought the world insurance market less than 30% of all losses, said the adviser to the General Director Valentina Rakitina at the conference "Aviation and space insurance in Russia".

Due to two accidents, "Roscosmos" insurers paid $185 million coverage for five foreign accidents – $409 million, said in her presentation. Data for another crash a satellite, Telstar 12 Vantage, a presentation does not. Thus, Roscosmos is not the main driver of loss in the field of space insurance, Rakitina concluded.

In 2018, the Angosat communication satellite was lost, put into orbit at the end of 2017 by order of Angola, insurance coverage for it amounted to $120 million.

In November, the manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-10, which delivered two cosmonauts to the ISS, crashed. Then the automatic rescue system worked, people were not injured. Coverage for the ship was $65 million.

In total, Roscosmos made 18 launches in 2018, one of which was unsuccessful.

"Not only Russia has brought the industry losses, but only against Russia there was a negative resonance. The accident of "Union MS-10" was a shock to the market", – said at the conference the President of the Russian Association of aerospace insurers (RAACS) Pavel Shutov. The market responded with increased insurance rates for the "Roscosmos", the refusal of some players from the space of insurance, added the clowns.

After the accident, "Soyuz MS-10", "Roscosmos" very quickly returned to the launch, in three months has already made seven starts, said Rakitin.

Due to the large number of launches this year (45 are planned), Roscosmos will bring more premiums to the insurance market, she said. "And we plan to move to package insurance, for example, to insure six launches of the ISS package, which will bring insurers a clear cash flow, and the state Corporation expects a discount on tariffs," Rakitina said.

The first launch to the ISS this year (on March 14, Roscosmos plans seven of them) will be insured separately – it did not work to insure it in the package, since Roscosmos has not yet agreed on the rates for which it counted, Rakitina concluded.