OREANDA-NEWS. The Bank of Russia has issued recommendations for operators of electronic money (e-money, electronic money "wallets") to improve the quality of customer service.

The Central Bank will oblige e-money operators, which are banks, to inform customers in detail about the rules and documents with which customers must agree by signing an agreement. EDS operators will be obliged to notify customers of all changes in work two weeks before these changes take effect.

The list of e-money operators includes 80 credit institutions, which, in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank 2694-U, sent notifications about the activity of transferring electronic funds. According to the law "On the National Payment System", e-wallets and bank cards are electronic means of payment.

An electronic wallet allows you to make money transfers, pay for goods and services without using cash or a bank account. Transfers between wallets are instant, many payment systems allow transactions in different currencies.

Only e-money operators who are included in the Central Bank register can open and maintain e-wallets in Russia.

Meanwhile, e-wallets are not protected by the deposit insurance system, no interest is charged on the balance of money in an e-wallet, the e-money operator does not provide e-money on credit. In addition, scammers can withdraw money from an electronic wallet.