OREANDA-NEWS  During trading on the Moscow Exchange, the euro rate fell below 88 rubles for the first time since September 2, 2020. The dollar dropped below 74 rubles.

As of March 9, 14:05 Moscow time, the euro is trading at 87.96 rubles, and the dollar - 73.9 rubles. The American currency has returned to the level it was in the middle of last week.

The Russian currency is strengthening due to the situation on the oil market. Several oil facilities in Saudi Arabia were attacked by drones over the weekend. The Yemeni Ansar Allah movement claimed responsibility, but Saudi Arabia claims Iran was behind the attack.

Despite the fact that the kingdom has denied the damage to the oil infrastructure, the price of a barrel of Brent on Monday exceeded 71 dollars. By March 9, the indicators returned to the level of 69 dollars, but experts do not exclude a new aggravation in the Middle East, which may affect the level of production.