OREANDA-NEWS The average amount of free money from the Russians in 2018 was a record in the history of observations. In December, the figure jumped more than a half times compared to November. This is stated in the study of the holding "ROMIR".

"In December, the index of" free money " showed a traditional jump up for the end of the year. The amount of free money in the average Russian household reached 36.7 thousand rubles. Thus, the index of "free money" has grown more than one and a half times in a month", — explained in "ROMIR".

The holding notes that in December the index grows due to the payment of various bonuses and bonuses that cover the cost of products for the holiday table and gifts. Analysts noted that the growth of "free money" is traditional for December despite the holidays. Payments of bonuses and other bonuses allow you to bring the index to a high level.

The annual growth of the index was 20 percent - 24.2 thousand rubles.  For comparison, in 2017 this figure was 18.5 thousand rubles.

The free money index is the difference between household income and required expenditure. Average incomes were determined on the basis of ROMIR and Rosstat calculations, and households of the holding were analyzed to estimate expenses. This is the data of 40 thousand Russians-15 thousand households in 220 cities with a population of more than 10 thousand people.

Earlier was reported that the ruble remains significantly undervalued compared to the dollar. This information writes the Economist on the basis of the new issue of the "Big Mac Index". The index allows to estimate the purchasing power of the currency, based on the value of the hamburger Big Mac in the McDonald's network.

"Big Mac Index", which is calculated by The Economist since 1986, is based on the fact that the list of ingredients from which the traditional hamburger is made, is the same for all countries where there are restaurants of the network.