OREANDA-NEWS. In the afternoon on April 22, the Russian ruble sharply increased its growth against major currencies on the news of the withdrawal of Russian troops after exercises in the south and west: before the news, they dropped by 20-40 kopecks, and after the statement of the head of the Ministry of Defense they fell by more than 1 ruble, according to the data of the Moscow Exchange.

The dollar exchange rate by calculations "tomorrow" at 14.47 Moscow time fell by 94 kopecks, to 75.66 rubles, the euro rate - by 96 kopecks, to 91.22 rubles, follows from the data of the Moscow Exchange. The minimum values of the dollar and the euro for today, reached immediately after the news, are RUB 75.43 and RUB 90.95, respectively.

At a meeting in Crimea, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced a decision to complete verification activities in the Southern and Western military districts and to begin returning troops to their permanent deployment points from April 23rd.

According to financial analyst Yevgeny Volkov, a decrease in the degree of geopolitical tension has a positive effect on the ruble exchange rate and the withdrawal of Russian troops in this sense is good news.

Also, according to yesterday's trading data, the ruble reacted with growth, having won an additional 60 kopecks from the main reserve currencies, to the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the topic of international relations, made in the framework of the annual message to the Federal Assembly. Putin, in particular, said that Russia has its own interests, which it will defend within the framework of international law. At the same time, Russia behaves extremely modestly, does not respond to unfriendly actions of some countries and wants to have good relations with other countries, Putin added.