OREANDA-NEWS. About 60% of Russian borrowers have difficulty repaying loans taken, showed preliminary results of a joint study of the World Bank and Rospotrebnadzor. They were presented in early June at a meeting with representatives of the Central Bank and the financial ombudsman. The Russian media got acquainted with the presentation; two participants of the meeting confirmed its authenticity. The representative of the World Bank confirmed the fact of consultation. The report is still at the final stage of preparation, he specified.

Experts set out to assess how difficult it is for Russian families to service their loans. For a representative sample, 4,013 people were surveyed in 16 regions, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. The study took place in 2018-2019. Among bank borrowers, 9% of families have overdue debts, 10% were forced to restructure or extend a loan, or received a refusal to give a loan from a bank, the survey results showed. 14% have difficulty paying interest, and more than a quarter spend more than 75% of total family income on loan payments, everyday family expenses, and housing bills. Less than half of borrowers have no difficulty servicing loans - 41%.

The most popular loan for Russians is consumer. Families in the sample with a total income of more than 70 thousand rubles. most often they borrow money to buy furniture and household appliances (there are a little less than 25%), according to the survey results, the mortgage is in second place.

In general, 55% of Russian borrowers are not protected or vulnerable due to their excessive debt load, World Bank experts conclude. 29% of respondents, on the basis of their financial situation, would not be worth giving a loan now. Another 26% of the bank considers vulnerable: if the macroeconomic situation changes or income decreases, it will be difficult for them to repay the loan.