OREANDA-NEWSThe draft state budget of Turkey for 2020 provides for an increase of $ 5 billion in defense and security spending. Such data are reported on Thursday by the Haber Turk television channel in connection with the presentation of the relevant bill by the head of the Strategic and Budgetary Administration of the Presidential Administration Naji Agbalom.

In 2020, it's proposed to allocate 141 billion lire for financing all defense and security-related structures, which at the current rate is $ 23.9 billion. In the central government budget for 2019, $ 18.8 billion was allocated for the maintenance of law enforcement agencies. However, in accordance with further by adjustments, the authorities had to refinance the security forces by another 3-4% of the original amount.

At the same time, Agbal made it clear that the increase in defense spending is associated in particular with the military operation of Turkey in Syria.
In addition, Agbal said that the total budget expenditures for the next year are expected to be $ 186 billion. The budget deficit is projected at $ 23.4 billion. The economy is expected to grow at 5%, inflation at 8.5%. Ankara will spend 16% of the budget on education in 2020 ($ 29.8 billion, $ 19 billion in 2019), and $ 31 billion on health care ($ 8.2 billion in 2019).