OREANDA-NEWSUkraine was in last place in the ranking of countries in terms of purchasing power of the population among 42 countries in Europe. Such research data in Europe in 2019 is cited by GfK (Growth from Knowledge).

"The 16 countries examined in the study have a purchasing power per capita above the average, while 26 countries are below the European average. Ukraine is in last place with a purchasing power per capita of € 1,830", the materials said research.

At the same time, Europeans, according to the company, have an average of € 14,739 per person, available for expenses and savings in 2019. Liechtenstein ranks first with a per capita purchasing power of € 67,550. "This is much higher than other countries and more than 4.5 times the average for Europe", the study said. The second and third places are shared by Switzerland (from € 42,067 per person) and Luxembourg (€ 35,096 per person). Among the countries with the lowest purchasing power, in addition to Ukraine, were Moldova and Kosovo. The company said that purchasing power is a measure of disposable income after taxes and charitable contributions, including any government benefits received.