OREANDA-NEWS Washington has blocked Russian assets in the country for hundreds of millions dollars, reported in a statement Sigal Mandelker - the Head of the US Treasury. He is responsible for sanctions.

The document appeared shortly before her report to the Senate banking Committee on sanctions pressure on Russia.

Washington also included two Russians and one company in the list of cyber-sanctions.

Under the restrictions were Anton Nagibin born in 1985 and Marina Tsareva born in 1973 as related to the already sanctioned company "Dayvtekhnoservis".

In addition, United States has included in the list of China sanctions two Russian companies and six ships. Under the restrictions Were companies "Gudzon-shipping" from Vladivostok and "Vela Marin" from St. Petersburg, as well as ships "Bella", "Hercules", "Neptune", "Partisan", "Patriot" and "Sevastopol" — they all go under the flag of Russia.

In the Senate, Mandelker also said that the US will continue to impose sanctions against Russia, if "Moscow does not change its behavior."

Restrictive measures against Russian citizens and companies associated with the China are provided for by the law "on countering America's opponents through sanctions" (CAATSA), which President Donald Trump signed in August last year. The document applies to Iran, as well as citizens and companies from third countries that cooperate with the persons involved in the black list. The Us administration stated that they intend to apply sanctions selectively, taking into account their own national interests and the interests of allies and partners.

In April, Washington, in accordance with this law, imposed sanctions against seven Russian businessmen, 17 officials and 14 companies. All their assets in the United States are freezing, Americans are forbidden to conduct any business with them.

At the same time, the US administration stated that these measures are not related to specific events, but were a response "to the ongoing and increasingly shameless tendencies of Russia's behavior around the world."

In addition, the US authorities have already announced other anti-Russian sanctions, this time related to the "Skripal case". Their first package is expected to enter into force on 22 August.

The expert sure the words of Trump's readiness to lift sanctions against Russia is just a game.