OREANDA-NEWS  Visa and Mastercard suspended membership of "Evrofinance Mosnarbank" after its addition to the US sanctions lists, which led to the blocking of cards issued by the Bank of these payment systems, the credit institution said.

"In accordance with the inclusion of Eurofinance Mosnarbank in the OFAC list, starting from March 12, 2019, Visa and Mastercard payment systems suspended the Bank's membership in payment systems, which led to the blocking of Visa and Mastercard cards abroad and the blocking of Visa and Mastercard cards by Cardstandard "in the territory of the Russian Federation, including restrictions on the acceptance of Visa and Mastercard cards in the Bank's devices," the press release says.

 "Eurofinance Mosnarbank" also noted that in the near future will be organized replacement of Visa cards on the card payment system "Mir". At the same time, the message does not specify whether the replacement of Mastercard cards will be organized.

The US Treasury on Monday added to the sanctions list the Russian "Eurofinance Mosnarbank", accusing him in connection with the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. Inclusion in the list means the freezing of assets in the US jurisdiction, as well as the prohibition of American individuals and legal entities on transactions or transactions with this Bank. "Evrofinance Mosnarbank"  then said that it continues to work in a stable mode and promises to fulfill its obligations in full.

According to BIR Analyst, on January 1, the Bank ranked 80th in the banking system of the Russian Federation with assets of 71.9 billion rubles, own funds amounted to 31.8 billion rubles, public funds-8.9 billion rubles.