OREANDA-NEWSThe volume of online retail exports of tangible goods from Russia by the end of 2019 may increase by 24% compared to last year and reach $ 817 million, this is stated in a joint study by eBay and Data Insight.

According to experts, the online retail export market from Russia has been growing for the third year in a row at an average rate of more than 20%. If in 2016 the market was estimated at $ 430 million, then in 2017 it was estimated at $ 550 million, in 2018 - $ 659 million. In 2019, according to the forecast based on data for the first three quarters, the volume of this market will be $ 817 million. that 67% of the market (or $ 548 million) will be on sales platforms, 33% (or $ 269 million) - on Russian online stores.

As for shipments, their number in 2019 may increase by 1.5 times - up to 15.7 million parcels. At the same time, 31% of the packages (or about 4.8 million) will go to marketplaces, in particular eBay and Amazon, about 11 million - to online stores.

According to eBay accounts, the number of online retail exporters trading through the marketplace is growing - over the period from 2018 to 2019, their number increased by 14% and approached 30 thousand. The most active of them are entrepreneurs from Moscow (22.3% ), St. Petersburg (12.6%) and the Moscow Region (7.2%).