OREANDA-NEWSOn Monday, against the backdrop of the economic consequences of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the World Bank lowered its forecast for China's GDP growth to 2.3% in the "base case" and to 0.1% in the "worst" scenario. This was reported in a WB report published on Monday.

"Growth in China in 2020 is expected to fall to 2.3% in the baseline scenario and to 0.1% in the worst case scenario compared to 6.1% in 2019", the report said in a press release. In addition, according to WB forecasts, the GDP growth of developing countries in East Asia and the Pacific in 2020 will decrease to 2.1% in the "base case" and to -0.5% in the negative case.

In their view, an outbreak of coronavirus will also negatively impact poverty reduction in the region.