Physical activity: articles for 01.07.2019

01.07.2019, 20:13
The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation proposes to make changes to the procedure for conducting preventive medical examinations of students in order to early detect the illegal consumption of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
01.07.2019, 19:43
Those who wish to enter the service under the contract in the FSB may be obliged to indicate in the questionnaire their accounts in social networks. 
01.07.2019, 17:21
The American research center RAND has published a forecast in which it is indicated that the Russian army is closer to 2024 because of demographic problems it will encounter difficulties in recruiting recruits.
01.07.2019, 11:32

On the last day of the Games, Russian athletes won five gold, four silver and six bronze medals.

01.07.2019, 08:27

More than half of the citizens have never been to a theater, museum or conservatory.

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