Physical activity: articles for 17.07.2019

17.07.2019, 22:13
 American scientists conducted an experiment at the Medical center of the University of Nebraska, which managed to completely remove HIV from the DNA of mice, reported the journal Nature Communication.
17.07.2019, 21:00
Yandex conducted research and found out which Russian clubs are the most popular in various regions of the country. 
17.07.2019, 20:28
The V International Rostec Fireworks Festival will be held in the Brateevsky Cascade Park on August 17 and 18. 
17.07.2019, 19:40
A new modification of a small submarine of special purpose "Piranha" was presented to the general public in St. Petersburg. 
17.07.2019, 19:18
In Moscow today met those who have already visited the moon!  On the experimental complex "Sirius" completed a unique experiment. 
17.07.2019, 19:02
Scientists from Columbia University measured levels of radiation pollution in the Marshall Islands, where during the Cold War, the United States conducted 67 nuclear tests
17.07.2019, 17:15
The Roselectronic holding of Rostec State Corporation launched the production of pre-fabricated houses - pneumatic frame structures based on air-filled cylinders.
17.07.2019, 16:45
Russian aircraft suspected of violating the airspace of Finland on Wednesday. With this statement made by the Ministry of defence of Finland.
17.07.2019, 16:14
The chief freelance psychiatrist-narcologist at the Russian Ministry of Health, Yevgeny Brun, suggested selling alcoholic beverages exclusively at specialized retail outlets away from residential areas.

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