Physical activity: articles for 24.07.2019

24.07.2019, 22:35
Every year, a small blood clot causes hundreds of thousands of people due to impaired blood flow.
24.07.2019, 22:22
In the nature reserve "Pasvik" started only in the North-West region of Russia, a mobile laboratory, which in August have expedition within the framework of two international projects on the study of the biosphere of the Arctic.
24.07.2019, 19:53
In beauty salons during manicure, body piercing and tatoo there is a risk of contracting hepatitis B and C.
24.07.2019, 18:16
The Ministry of Internal Affairs suggested including some anabolics in the list of potent drugs. 
24.07.2019, 17:11
Researchers have shown that Scythians and Sarmatians, including those from ancient Altai peoples, writes Current Biology. 

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