Physical activity: articles for 25.07.2019

25.07.2019, 23:19
The area of ​​fires in the forests of the Krasnoyarsk Territory reached almost 929 thousand hectares
25.07.2019, 23:06
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has developed a document providing an indefinite residence permit for Russian-speaking migrants.
25.07.2019, 21:18
On Thursday, July 25, in St. Petersburg, Dmitry Chentsov, director of the City Center for Medical Prevention, reported on preventive examinations.
25.07.2019, 19:57
Part of the main coastal federal highway A-147 Dzhubga - Sochi collapsed in the Central District of Sochi after a heavy rain, the movement is carried out in one lane.
25.07.2019, 19:29
A murderer can be recognized with a positron-emission brain scan - say foreign scientists who have identified features at the physiological level, characteristic of the mental organs of people convicted of murder.
25.07.2019, 18:39
An international group of scientists from Russia, Ecuador and Japan discovered fragments of ceramic vessels, which date from 4640-4460 BC and were created by an unknown civilization. 
25.07.2019, 16:22
Experimental spaceship Starhopper caught fire during the test, according to
25.07.2019, 13:02
250 thousand Russians took part in the survey.

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