Physical activity: articles for 27.08.2019

27.08.2019, 21:30
Swearing in speech should be used as a “spice”; it is an invaluable linguistic resource of Russian culture, says Dmitry Kiselev, general director of the Russia Today MIA and founder of the Rap Koktebel festival.
27.08.2019, 21:21
Experts said that the deep machine learning algorithm was able to assemble a Rubik's cube in just a split second.  Researchers believe that this is a confirmation of the proper training of artificial intelligence.
27.08.2019, 20:29
Facebook intends to complement Instagram with a new messenger to maintain close digital contact with close friends and relatives. 
27.08.2019, 19:20
In the Russian Federation, at the beginning of next year, 75 landfills with waste that are dangerous to people and nature will be eliminated.
27.08.2019, 18:41
The number of patients with diabetes in Russia has increased by more than 20% over the past five years.  This was reported by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
27.08.2019, 18:34
In 2020 on the portal "Work in Russia" in the summary will appear in the column "participation in volunteer programs", the press service of the Fes
27.08.2019, 17:23
Scientists from mit and Harvard University (USA) were able to apply the technology of gene editing CRISPR used to add new genes into living cells in order to create new materials.
27.08.2019, 17:03
Large air harbors of the Russian Federation are already introducing face-identification algorithms in test mode; mass application of the system can take up to a year and a half. 
27.08.2019, 16:44
Hydrographs of the Northern Fleet have confirmed the discovery of five new islands in Vise Bay off the west coast of Novaya Zemlya.

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