Physical activity: articles for 29.08.2019

29.08.2019, 23:14
An alarm was triggered in the American segment of the International Space Station, cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin told specialists of the Mission Control Center (MCC) near Moscow.
29.08.2019, 23:09
Researchers from the National institutes of health turned off in mice the gene GNPTAB, a breakdown in which the people associated with stuttering, and to determine which cells in which part of the brain suffer most.
29.08.2019, 22:16
In an interview for Evening Moscow, dietitian doctor Elena Solomatina named pumpkin, plum and pear the three most useful fruits of early fall.
29.08.2019, 20:48
In Australia, scientists have created a spray vaccine that can protect a person from tuberculosis for life.  The drug is suitable for both adults and children.
29.08.2019, 20:30
U.S. engineers have developed a magnetic field-controlled endoscope for examining and conducting operations in blood vessels. 
29.08.2019, 19:36
A friendly match will be held in Rostov-on-Don between the Rostov football club and the national team of Syria, Championship-Rostov informs.
29.08.2019, 19:13
A video was posted on YouTube in which the faces of the actresses were replaced with an animated portrait of a Russian actor.
29.08.2019, 18:34
A recent study by an international group of scientists at the Federal Institute for risk assessment Germany (BfR) has found probable cause of an Allergy to tattoos.
29.08.2019, 18:27
In the result of climate change in the past 12 years, river floods in North-Western Europe intensified and became more frequent, and in southern and Eastern Europe, by contrast, are less likely.
29.08.2019, 17:11
Kaspersky Lab reported the detection of malicious code in the popular CamScanner application for smartphones based on the Android operating system.

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