Physical activity: articles for 03.09.2019

03.09.2019, 20:06
An underground archaeological complex will be created in the Kremlin on the basis of the remains of the foundation of the temple of the Miracle of Michael the Archangel.
03.09.2019, 19:47
Over the past few years, beauty treatments have been growing among girls and women of different age categories, including eyelash extensions.
03.09.2019, 19:39
The Gateway Foundation (USA) is developing the world's first space hotel. 
03.09.2019, 19:26
MSTU named after  N. E. Bauman in conjunction with the Physics Institute.  P.N. Lebedev developed the nanosatellites of the Yarilo project for studying the Sun. 
03.09.2019, 19:20
NATO mobilized about 40 ships and three thousand troops for exercises in the Baltic Sea
03.09.2019, 19:13
The transport prosecutor’s office will evaluate the actions of Sheremetyevo airport officials responsible for flight safety after a clash of wings between two aircraft. 
03.09.2019, 18:02
he Moscow Autumn Bicycle Festival, dedicated to the World Car-Free Day, will take place along the central streets and embankments of Moscow on September 15
03.09.2019, 17:56
Facebook will begin to test the function of hiding likes under messages, similar to the one that is already running in Instagram and VKontakte. 
03.09.2019, 17:31
Scientists have discovered that hydrogen peroxide H2O2 can spontaneously form on the surface of small water droplets, which contradicts the popular belief about the stability and chemical inertness of water. 
03.09.2019, 16:18
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus was forced to close the border with Ukraine due to the gushing flow of arms.

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