Physical activity: articles for 05.09.2019

05.09.2019, 20:37
According to experts, popular household items can be dangerous, sometimes even deadly.
05.09.2019, 20:28
Specialists are developing an interactive “traffic light map” that will reflect information on air and water pollution in Russia. 
05.09.2019, 20:20
Mountain geese are known for their ability to fly at high altitudes, but it is still unknown how they cope with a lack of oxygen. 
05.09.2019, 20:15
This afternoon in the area of ​​Cape Meganom the pleasure boat “Camelot” sank.  Onboard there were 14 people.
05.09.2019, 19:05
"Rostelecom" plans in October to provide a solution for the payment of goods and services in stores facial image.
05.09.2019, 18:49
Tightrope walkers from seven countries plan to set a new world record at City Day celebrations.  One of the athletes trained before passing, but broke the rope at a height of 300 meters. 
05.09.2019, 18:41
The Russians told which men they consider the most attractive. 
05.09.2019, 18:22
Archaeologists in Krasnoyarsk found the place of cutting of prey hunters of the stone age.
05.09.2019, 17:07
Overweight recorded in adolescence in men increases the risk of myocardial infarction under the age of 65, a study by Swedish scientists showed.
05.09.2019, 16:53
Experts from Japan will help to solve the problem with garbage in Russia. The experience of Asian countries use and in the suburbs.

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