OREANDA-NEWS. New cases of coronavirus infection have appeared in the Russian men's biathlon team. It became known about positive tests for coronavirus in biathlete Alexander Povarnitsyn, as well as four other employees of the national team.

These new cases of COVID-19 were reported by the senior coach of the Russian team, Yuri Kaminsky. He said that the infection was detected after the completion of the collection in Aldan. Now the infected are staying in Yakutia.

Kaminsky said that before the final day, members and staff of the team passed regular tests. For Povarnitsyn and four people from the staff, they turned out to be positive. All staff and team members follow the instructions of Rospotrebnadzor, so they will all spend some time in Yakutia.

The current infections in the Russian national team are not the first case. At the end of October, the coronavirus was detected in Petr Pashchenko, who was also at a training camp in Yaldan. It was reported that the athlete was affected by 10 percent of the lungs, but the disease is mild, and the temperature has returned to normal.

The head coach said that due to a 10% lung injury, Pyotr Pashchenko had to drink antibiotics. For now, he will also have to stay in Aldan. Pashchenko has already passed one negative test, but according to the rules now he needs to pass another one.