OREANDA-NEWS. According to the head of the Finnish Ski Association Markku Haapasalmi, the Finnish Ski Association has accepted the apology of the Russian Alexander Bolshunov for an unpleasant episode at the finish line of the World Cup relay in Lahti.

The reaction of the head of the Finnish Ski Association is quoted by RIA Novosti: “We have received and accepted the apologies of the Russian Ski Federation and Alexander Bolshunov for what happened. In the future, we want to enjoy exciting and fair competitions without any incidents like Sunday. Such incidents have nothing to do with skiing ".

The scandalous episode was commented on by Bolshunov himself, who in an interview with the Norwegian television channel TV2 said: “If a similar situation happens, then I will be calm next time. Of course, this was the first and last time. But then Myaki showed how not to behave on track, and I - how to behave after such incidents. "

The Russian skier said: “I thought to drive up to him and ask why he did that. But when I started braking in front of him, my mount broke and the ski came unfastened. I crashed into him because I could not brake in time. look, in that situation it was necessary to disqualify both the Russian and the Finnish teams."

Recall that the International Skiing Federation (FIS) suspended Bolshunov for one competitive day. Immediately after the race, he apologized to the Finns for the incident.