OREANDA-NEWS.  Two robbers attacked Arsenal's Brazilian defender Gabriel in an attempt to steal his car, but the player resisted, the Daily Mail reports.

The incident took place in north London in August, but details of the incident have only now become known. The robbers followed Gabriel and a friend who were returning home at night, broke into the garage and threatened the footballer, demanding £45,000 car keys, a phone and a watch.

One of the perpetrators threatened Gabriel with a baseball bat, the footballer punched him in the face, a struggle ensued and the robbers eventually escaped.

One of the attackers, Abderaham Muse, was subsequently found thanks to DNA analysis from a cap he lost during the scuffle with Gabriel. The court sentenced him to a five-year jail term. Muse had previously been tried for illegal possession of weapons and drugs.

Two other participants in the robbery, one of whom was near the garage gate, are yet to be found.

It is clarified that the perpetrators did not know that Gabriel is a footballer - they were attracted by the rich looking house.

Gabriel moved to Arsenal before the start of last season from Lille. The 23-year-old has one goal in 11 games for Arsenal this season.