OREANDA-NEWS. Russian Tamara Tansykkuzhina became the seven-time world champion in drafts, beating the Polish athlete Natalia Sadovskaya in the final.

The final of the seemingly not the most popular sport was overshadowed by a scandal. During the game of the fourth round of the match for the checkers crown, which took place in Poland, the organizers suddenly decided to remove the Russian flag from the table and peel off the sticker with the name of the Russian woman and the tricolor depicted on it.

Such actions caused considerable surprise to Tansykkuzhina and a storm of indignation on social networks, including among Polish users. The organizers motivated their actions with a request from WADA President Witold Banka, otherwise the International Drafts Federation was threatened with immediate sanctions.

As a result, Tansykkuzhina completely lost the fourth round, the total score in the confrontation at that time was 32:16 in favor of Sadovskaya (the match is played in nine rounds, in each of which 12 points are played, the athlete who scored more than 54 points wins).

In the fifth round, the Russian woman won 12: 0, turned the tide of the final meeting and managed to achieve victory. Note that from the fifth round, Sadovskaya removed the flag of Poland from the table.

The athlete posted the first post after the victory on Instagram, under which the Russians left a lot of warm comments. Among them are the official account of the Evening Urgant program, which reacted with three hearts, Two-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Alla Shishkina and the Ural football player, currently on loan at Tambov, Yuri Bavin.