OREANDA-NEWS. Zenit striker Artem Dzyuba said he was interested in playing at centre-back in a friendly against Slovakia's Zylina at the training camp in Dubai. The St Petersburg club's website quotes him as saying.

"Playing defence is the most beautiful thing. It was interesting to play, even in a friendly, in a position I have never played. We all played in yards, of course, and to move just like that in a match is worth a lot,"- said Dzyuba.

The Zenit captain noted that he had gained an interesting experience. "And to start an attack, in which a goal was scored, - it's great at all,"- Dzyuba added.

In the first half, Dzyuba played in attack and scored a goal. He was replaced in the 64th minute, but in the 73rd minute he reappeared on the field and took up the position of central defender. "Khotulev got a little bit sick. As you can see there are no substitutions, so we, as they say, like Spartans, 12 or 13 of us, stand in the gorge and hold on. It's okay, it feels good, I got high,"- said Dzyuba.

Zenit currently have only two healthy central defenders: Danila Hotulev and Nuraly Alip, who is on trial.

According to Dzyuba, he did not know in advance that he would have to return to the field again after the substitution. "I've already put ice on, taken everything off, and they say to me, "Will you play in the centre of defence?" You do not refuse such offers, I do not need to repeat them twice. In a second I was ready,"- concluded Dzyuba.

The meeting itself ended 5-0 in favour of Zenit.